Anto Klobucar 20140422 Jesus Speaks to Grace (A Woman In Hell)

Jesus speaks to Grace, a woman who is trapped in the hells, through the intermediary of Anto Klobucar, a lawyer who has been channeling spirits for around 7 years.

Grace has passed as a young girl who was killed by her own family and who ended up hating men and degrading her soul condition, in order to rebel against the pain she is in. Jesus helps Grace to get through to some of the emotional reasons she is so angry, leading her out of the painful place she has been inhabiting since her passing. Grace ends up experiencing God’s Love and feels love for the first time in her life through the help she receives from Jesus.

Published on 5 May 2014

Channeling on 22nd April 2014 in Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia.


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