Mediumship is a natural process of communication between spirits and people still living on Earth. Here you can listen to or read conversations with people who have passed and are now living in the spirit world, or who choose to stay Earth-bound.

The intention behind all of the mediumship listed here, is to help spirits and people on Earth to progress in love and to live happier lives.

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Mediumship with an angry mother

In this mediumship, Margaret, an Earthbound mother, attacks Jesus for encouraging her daughter to grow, as she feels it threatens her relationship with her daughter. Jesus patiently helps her to see, that her influence upon her daughter is not actually helpful. Margaret is introduced to some bright women spirits, who have had similar lives to her own, and who have progressed in the spirit world into a joyful life, helping their own daughters on Earth.

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Mark – a spirit accidentally shot 31 years ago learns about the spirit world

Mary channels Mark, a 50 year old Australian station owner (cattle farmer) living in the Northern Territory, who was accidentally shot dead while shooting pigs and drinking with his mates in 1984. Mark has no idea that he has passed and has been stuck in the shock of his death experience for 31 years until he asks Jesus for help. Jesus teaches mark about the spirit world, God and how to progress in love to gain joy in life.

Wilkesdale, Queensland Australia – 1h 45m 56s


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Spirit Nuns Asks About Repentance and Forgiveness

Mediumship With Mary – Repentance & Forgiveness P1 (English & Portuguese)


Jesus has a discussion with spirit nuns who ask questions about what it means to repent and forgive.

The representative of the spirit group is Florencina who passed around 150 years ago. The spirits are not happy in their current condition and Jesus helps them to move on to a better place by explaining that they must release some of their religious beliefs  about God, as well as the pain that they harbour within them from their life on Earth.

This presentation is an addition to the sessions The Truth About – Repentance & Forgiveness P presented in Brazil on the previous day. Part 1 of 2 mediumship sessions in both English and Portuguese.


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Teenage Spirit Girl Who Likes to Party


Jesus speaks to Jessica, an Earthbound teenage girl, through the intermediary of Anto

Klobucar, a lawyer who has been channeling spirits for around 7 years:


Jess has been Earthbound since she has passed as a 16 year old girl and visits parties on Earth to receive “good time” feelings from people she and her friends influence. However she has been finding these feelings not as gratifying as before and she is finding herself  more and more disappointed. Jesus describes to her how influencing people to consume drugs and into sexual interactions is causing Jess the increasing pain she feels inside of herself. Jess opens up to being helped by Jesus to move on into the spirit world and find joy through becoming a more loving person.

Published on 25 Jun 2014

Channeled on 3rd June 2014 in Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia.

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