Here you can learn about the nature of the spirit world.


Posts that describe the spirits world:

Flowers in the Spirit World

In Life in the World Unseen, Robert Hugh Benson, who passed in 1914 provides descriptions of the physical nature of the spirit world. In this post we learn about the flowers and their purpose:

“Spirit flowers are imperishable, and that should at once suggest more than mere life within them….Is it, then, to be wondered at, when we take the tiniest blossom within our hands, that we should feel such an influx of magnetic power, such a revivifying force, such an upliftment of one’s very being, when we know, in truth, that those forces for our betterment are coming directly from the Source of all good?……..”

The Depths of the Hells

In Life in the World Unseen, Robert Hugh Benson, describes the depths of the hells:

“As we climbed down through one of the numerous fissures in the rocks, I could see and feel the loathsome slime that covered the whole surface of them, a dirty green in colour and evil smelling… Dimly, we could see through this miasma what might have been human beings, crawling like some foul beasts over the surface of the upper rocks….”