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Breaking the chains of violence

Mary channels Constance, a woman who was a slave in the Indies over 300 years ago. Constance and many millions of other spirits, who died violently and remain Earthbound through their own rage at injustice and desire to protect others... Continue Reading →

The Denial of Our “Death”

Many people do not realise they have passed and often continue to live out their lives and occupations on Earth. To avoid the misery of denial of our physical mortality, it is vital to learn the truth about spirit life, which we will all experience once our physical body dies.

Mark – a spirit man accidentally shot 31 years ago learns about the spirit world

Mary channels Mark, a 50 year old Australian station owner (cattle farmer) living in the Northern Territory, who was accidentally shot dead while shooting pigs and drinking with his mates in 1984. Mark has no idea that he has passed.

Coming through the Mists

Fredrick Winterleigh passes when attempting to save a child's life. He finds himself on a slope watching people pass from the mists, being assisted by others. Once he discovers that he has passed, he is introduced to the beautiful reality of the "land of surprises" - the spirit world. He learn his first lesson about the reality of heaven, which is vastly different to what we are taught on Earth.

A Prismatic Landascape

Shortly after his passing, Fred is overwhelmed by the beauty of what he sees and encourages our faith in the afterlife. He describes the colour marked roads that lead to the various places of the spirit world designed to accommodate us.

Flowers in The Spirit World

Life in The World Unseen, is a book containing various descriptions of the spirit world and spirit life.

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