The following is an excerpt from Through the Mists, Chapter 11, as Aphraar learns the methods of spirit travel and communication:

“…..As they stood upon the edge of the terrace among the flowers, for her to take a survey of the surroundings, I was surprised to find that Myhanene was at her side. In the concentration of my attention upon her, I had not noticed that it was he who led her from the room. Where and how had he come? When I hurried out, he was not there – he had not entered since from the terrace – how had he come? Siamedes joined me at this moment, and I referred my query to him.

“Myhanene brought her from Earth,” he replied; “and therefore, it was for him to be the first, after her children, to welcome her.”

“I had no idea that he was here.”

“He was not. When I saw her waking I sent for him.”

“Does he live near, then?”

“Near and distant only exists spiritually here.” He replied. “But I see you are not yet acquainted with our methods of communication and travel.”


“You remember,” he continued, “when you were at the Chorale, Myhanene projected a flash of light when he wished to speak to you?”

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“You did not understand that, but your friend read the message it conveyed and gave the interpretation. Those flashes fly with the rapidity of thought, and find their destination instantly, and when occasion demands, we have the power to travel with equal celerity[1]; so you see, prayer is answered while we are yet speaking, and the idea of time and space annihilated[2] in spiritual ministration.”

“Then you do not always walk or ride?”

“By no means! Why, in the visits you have been making, your passage has been through the air frequently, only it comes so natural here that you have not noticed it.”….”


“For the first time, which was perhaps due to what Siamedes had said to me, I realised that we were not walking; and my rapid passage through the air was as pleasant as it was novel. There was no effort in my flight, in fact I was not aware of exercising any power of locomotion[1] at all. Cushna held my hand and perhaps exerted whatever force was necessary to carry us on our way. For a considerable time he did not speak, or give the slightest indication that he was conscious of my presence.

Our transit was certainly not an instantaneous one; perhaps I was not yet capable of making such, or it may have been due to other causes – I cannot tell, but when I saw the mists only a short distance in front of us, a thousand questions rushed through my mind, while a thrill of excitement took possession of me. Under my changed conditions, would the Earth offer itself as a surprise, or not? At what distance would it be? Should I know the first place I sighted? Which, if any, of my acquaintances should I see first? Should I see London at all?”

[1] Locomotion; movement, motion

[1] Celerity; quickness, speed, swiftness

[2] Annihilated; to be mutually destroyed when a particle collides with a corresponding antiparticle