Our spirit body and our physical body, are the mediums through which our soul (the real us) operates. Our soul envelopes and effects our spirit body and our physical body:

The physical body (red) and spirit body (blue) overlie each other and are enveloped by the soul (yellow)

The following is an excerpt from The Truth About – Repentance & Forgiveness P1, presented by Jesus in San Paulo, Brazil on the 11th of August, 2012, from between [00:25:09.24 minutes] and [00:34:02.23 minutes]:

“If you can imagine that this red (in the diagram above) is the physical body and this blue is the spirit body, then that’s how the two bodies look. And then if you can imagine that this yellow is the soul, you can see that the soul envelopes both bodies.

Because the soul is connected to the spirit body. Whatever is happening in the soul will have an effect in the spirit body. So when a person can see their chakras, there will be certain effects on the chakras that come from the soul and in fact all of the energy points of your spirit body, are all dependent upon what’s happening in the soul. In addition, the physical body is also influenced only by the soul so these blocked-up feelings and lack of love inside of the soul, affect the suffering of the physical body as well.

The older cells in our physical body are around seven years old and every seven years our physical body cells replicate. There are some cells that replicate much faster than this but the seven year period is normal, so if a change happens in the soul, where the soul becomes more unloving, then you’ll start to see the effect in the physical body seven years later. But you will see the effect in the spirit body much sooner, because almost all cells in the spirit body replicate within one month of our time as measured here on Earth. So you’ll see the effect much more rapidly in the spirit body, when the soul acts out of harmony with love.

Because the soul envelops both bodies, anything that happens to the soul automatically affects both bodies. Because the spirit body responds faster, the spirit body’s energy systems are the first things to be affected, and this is why the chakras instantly change. But the physical body, because of its genetic replication process, takes much longer to be affected; and it could take up to seven years for some changes in the soul to be shown in the physical body. The reality is that for most of us, at the time we die, is when our body best mirrors our true soul condition.

For the majority of people when they die of old age, the body looks quite haggard. Many times they are overweight in different areas of their body, the face is very lined, they have skin blemishes; and these are all a part of their spirit body’s energy systems not working properly. That occurs, because the soul is already out of harmony with love and it has caused these problems to both bodies.

This gradual destruction of the spirit body and the gradual destruction of the physical body, result from every time the soul acts out of harmony with love. These bodies, are one of the ways we can measure the reflection of how we have been unloving. Of course there are some other ways, but we are often quite self-absorbed; and so looking at our body is a good way to measure things.

As we grow in love, our bodies have the capacity to grow younger, rather than growing older and in fact, scientists today do not even understand why the body grows old and dies. But the reason why, is because the unloving decisions made in the soul, cause the spirit body and then the physical body to degrade in its condition.

Now, when we pass over into the spirit world, we do not have the physical body anymore, but we still have the spirit body and that is still reflecting the soul’s condition. It is the soul’s condition in love, that determines what happens to the spirit body and to the physical body, and it’s this Law of Compensation, that causes the gradual destruction of both bodies, because the soul is choosing to act out of harmony with love.”

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