Like life on Earth, the spirit world and spirit life are governed by laws, which aim to refine us in love. The Law of Compensation also called Karma, is a lower law, which acts upon us, when we break God’s Laws of Love, resulting in pain.  The Law of Compensation can be overcome by a higher law of love called The Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, which removes our pain. The following excerpts were taken from The Truth About – Repentance & Forgiveness P1, presented by Jesus in San Paulo, Brazil on the 11th of August, 2012.


“There is a name given to karma in the spirit world and the name given is called the Law of Compensation. This law states that whenever we act out of harmony with love, there will be an automatic damage to our own soul and also damage to the soul of another person who we might have harmed. We carry this injury around until we’re prepared to change and correct it. This is what is called the Law of Compensation, so whatever you have been taught about karma is really the Law of Compensation, but it is not related to reincarnation. Rather, it is something that happens in your day-to-day life as you live your life.

Karma is not related to reincarnation, but it is actually called the Law of Compensation


This Law of Compensation is a very restricting law, in that anything that we do out of harmony with love is automatically needed to be compensated for. It’s not our definition of love, but it is God’s definition of love, and quite often what we believe to be loving, is nowhere near as loving as what God believes is loving. This law has been made by God, to help people come to see when they are being unloving, so that they can take actions to correct their unloving behaviour.


Now in our previous discussions in Belo Horizonte, in “The Truth About ‒ The Human Soul” and “The Truth About ‒ God,” we talked about the relationship between God and man, and that from God’s perspective all development is about love. When we talk about spiritual development, we are not referring to development in metaphysical actions or development in special gifts, but primarily talking about the quality of love.


Every one of God’s Laws is developing this quality of love and God’s entire universe is constructed by laws surrounding love. When we are involved in what is called karma ‒ or what most of the spirits call the Law of Compensation ‒ these are actions that the universe takes, based on the law, to help us to become more loving. This is a very slow way of becoming loving and the reason why, is that every single action has to be measured and then corrected, if it’s out of harmony with love. This is a very, very slow process.

All of God’s Laws have a hierarchy like this and the highest laws operate upon the soul. The soul is not our spirit body and it is not our physical body; it is our real self and it is the highest of God’s creations.

Many of God’s Laws affect our soul, rather than our spirit body (SP) and physical body (PB)

The Law of Aerodynamics and the Law of Gravity, operate upon my physical body but they do not operate upon my soul. They also do not operate upon my spirit body either. This is why a person can have an experience of leaving their physical body and experience what many call astral travel, and then return back to the physical body; because the soul and the spirit body are not forced to stay on the Earth through the Law of Gravity. Our soul and our spirit body can leave our physical body, and return to our physical body. In fact, each of us does this every night when we go to sleep.


But there are other laws that operate only upon the soul and these laws are the highest possible laws that God has made. Every action of these laws is to do with love, and the Law of Compensation is a law that operates upon the soul, but it is one of the lowest laws operating upon the soul. Just like the Law of Gravity is a low law operating on the physical body, the Law of Compensation is a low law operating upon the soul. And there are higher laws that can also operate upon the soul, that can cause the soul to fly as it were, similar to how wings can cause the physical body to fly. These laws are all called the Laws of Divine Love, and these laws surround one primary law, and that is the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness (ADDED EXPLANATION NOTE: the higher Law, which overrides the painful consequences experienced through the Law of Compensation) .


Very few spirits in the spirit world know of the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness and for that reason very few people on Earth have been told it. Now almost every spirit knows of the Law of Compensation and so when they speak to the Earth through a medium, they speak of this law in operation. But very few spirits know of the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, and for that reason, very few people on Earth ever hear of this law.

When many people who pass over from the Earth to the spirit world, look at their condition in the mirror and they see their dark condition, after a while they realise that their dark condition is because of the lack of love in their soul. Then, because it is not well known about the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, they realise they have to engage the Law of Compensation, in order to remove the result of these unloving actions in their soul. But they don’t realise that we could actually remove them using a higher law, and it’s this law, the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, that I would like to discuss with you in detail.


Most people on Earth have very little idea how unloving they are. Often they are taking actions every single day that are unloving; and the Law of Compensation or karma is placing the penalty upon the soul for the breaking of the law. But most people are unaware of this, and it’s only when they pass over into the spirit world, and they look at their face in a mirror, and they look at their body; they see all of the errors that they have done all of their life. For most people when they pass over, they find it very confronting and very difficult to come face to face with what has happened. Because very little is known about this on the Earth, most people on Earth continue to take unloving actions, that they believe are loving; and it’s only when they pass over into the spirit world and they see their dark condition, that they realise that something must be wrong.


God is trying to help us become more loving, and so God created some laws that help refine us to become more loving. The Law of Compensation is such, that whenever we do something out of harmony with love, there is an automatic correction that occurs in our soul that is painful. This pain is telling us that we just took an action out of harmony with love. Most people on Earth are very desensitised to pain and as a result of that, they are not sensitive to this painful consequence, and so they continue their same actions that they took before, without listening to the correction that was given.”