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Disease in The Spirit Body

In the following clip Jesus describes how the chakras (energy centres) of the spirit body are influenced by the emotional injuries of the soul, resulting in all disease. The soul is comprised of emotional energy, which is meant to be... Continue Reading →

Mediumship with an angry mother

In this mediumship, Margaret, an Earth-bound mother, attacks Jesus for encouraging her daughter to grow, as she feels it threatens her relationship with her daughter. Jesus patiently helps her to see, that her influence upon her daughter, is not actually... Continue Reading →

The Law of Compensation and The Law of Repentance and Forgiveness

Like life on Earth, the spirit world and spirit life are governed by laws, which aim to refine us in love. The Law of Compensation also called Karma, is a lower law, which acts upon us, when we break God's... Continue Reading →

The Condition of Our Spirit Body Depends on Our Soul Condition

Our spirit body and our physical body, are the mediums through which our soul (the real us) operates. Our soul envelopes and effects our spirit body and our physical body: The following is an excerpt from The Truth About -... Continue Reading →

The Depth of the Hells

The hells of the spirit world, are places where people go to if their spiritual condition is steeped in dark , selfish intentions and intentions. The hells are a direct result of the spiritual condition of people; places designed for us to see our true spiritual state for the purpose of helping us to change.

Flowers in The Spirit World

Life in The World Unseen, is a book containing various descriptions of the spirit world and spirit life.

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