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The Judgment Hall

There is a popular religious belief about the judgment hall which we must pass through once we die. When Frederick Winterleigh passed, he found himself waiting to be taken to the judgment hall, only to find that there is no... Continue Reading →

A Heavenly Reunion

In chapter 11 of  Through the Mists, entitled The Home of The Assyrian, Aphraar gives an account of a mother whose three children await her in the spirit world, and who anticipate her awakening after a period of restorative sleep:... Continue Reading →

Spirit Communication and Locomotion

Spirits communicate by reading thoughts visible as flashes of light. In the spirit body, travel occurs though air or flight sometimes with the speed of thought...

Coming through the Mists

Fredrick Winterleigh passes when attempting to save a child's life. He finds himself on a slope watching people pass from the mists, being assisted by others. Once he discovers that he has passed, he is introduced to the beautiful reality of the "land of surprises" - the spirit world. He learn his first lesson about the reality of heaven, which is vastly different to what we are taught on Earth.

A Prismatic Landascape

Shortly after his passing, Fred is overwhelmed by the beauty of what he sees and encourages our faith in the afterlife. He describes the colour marked roads that lead to the various places of the spirit world designed to accommodate us.

Disease in The Spirit Body

In the following clip Jesus describes how the chakras (energy centres) of the spirit body are influenced by the emotional injuries of the soul, resulting in all disease. The soul is comprised of emotional energy, which is meant to be... Continue Reading →

Mediumship with an angry mother

In this mediumship, Margaret, an Earth-bound mother, attacks Jesus for encouraging her daughter to grow, as she feels it threatens her relationship with her daughter. Jesus patiently helps her to see, that her influence upon her daughter, is not actually... Continue Reading →

The Law of Compensation and The Law of Repentance and Forgiveness

Like life on Earth, the spirit world and spirit life are governed by laws, which aim to refine us in love. The Law of Compensation also called Karma, is a lower law, which acts upon us, when we break God's... Continue Reading →

The Condition of Our Spirit Body Depends on Our Soul Condition

Our spirit body and our physical body, are the mediums through which our soul (the real us) operates. Our soul envelopes and effects our spirit body and our physical body: The following is an excerpt from The Truth About -... Continue Reading →

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